NSC is the trusted leader in security and consulting solutions. NSC understands the need for quality security service and ensures the highest standards of professionalism. CEO Arcellas Byrd brings years of experience to the company having worked in conjunction with local, state and federal law enforcement agencies on variety of investigations and assessments. Managing and Leading high level protection details and tours, NSC is committed to providing you, your family, and business with highly trained and experienced personnel. NSC is a one stop shop, with it’s ability to not only consult but provide the personnel to execute.


Founder & CEO

Arcellas Byrd started his security career working loss prevention with Target corporation as a undercover plainclothes agent. Byrd moved to Wal-Mart were he blossomed in the loss prevention industry working his way to a regional loss prevention investigator. During this time, Byrd was also working night club security for various Hollywood night clubs. From there, he worked his way into Director of Security for Westlake Village Inn and served as Security Detail lead of high level protection assignments ranging from royal families, to celebrities and athletes.

Byrd has continued his education in the field of personal protection by attending EPI courses in Virginia. Byrd has been Head of Security for over 50 national tours and high level events. He has also consulted for several big box retail chains to establish loss prevention policy and procedures as well as training undercover plainclothes Agents.



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